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Lisa lesile who is like 6"5

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Q: Who is the female basketball player with the highest pay?
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Which female professional basketball player is the first US basketball player ever to pay on four Olympics team?

Lisa Leslie is my assumption

Ten highest pay player in English premiership?

who was the highest pay player in premiership

What is the highest pay for a basketball player in the NBA in a single season?

$30,000,000.00 to Michael Jordan when he returned to the bulls in his first full season after retiring back in 1997

What is the average salary for a basketball player in Mexico?

What is the average pay for basketball players in mexico

Who is the highest pay soccer player?

currently christiano ronaldo is the highest payed player, it use to be zinedine zidane

Which soccer player receive the highest pay per week?

I think Cristiano Ronaldo receives the highest pay per week.

Who is the world highest pay player now?

Leo Messi

Who is the highest paid basketball player in America in 2010?

Josh Childress plays at the Olympiacos Piraeus. His contract is for a net pay of US$20 million for 3 years.

What is the average yearly pay of a NBA basketball player?

as much as it says in their contracts

How much do basketball player have to pay for all the rent?

thousands of dollars probably

Who is the highest paid PBA basketball player?

The highest payed basketball player in 1955 is David Robinson. He made 5.74 million dollars.

Who is the highest paid player in Chelsea pay week?

The highest paid right now is Rodel Mamale.