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The father of modern physical education was Friedrich Ludwig Jahn.

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Do you have physical education in high school?

its a doggy dogg world?

How is philosophy applied to education?

How is philosophy applied to the modern world?

Sentence of a good education is a valuable asset?

A university education is a very valuable asset for anyone in the modern world.

What are the Scope of technology and livelihood education?

Technology and livelihood education are two important aspects of the modern education. The scope is to engage students in the world that surrounds them.

Why is education the key?

Uneducated people cannot cope with the complexities of the modern world.

Five contribution of Roman education to modern education?

One contribution of Roman education in modern education is the goal of preparing children for the adult world. Other contributions are a formal education system, higher learning, the Socratic method of teaching, and school holidays.

Who was the founding father of modern air power?

General Billy Mitchell is often considered the father of modern air power. He saw the strength of air campaigns in World War I and oversaw the campaigns of World War II.

Why physical education is part of the curriculum?

P.E is part of curriculum because of the obesity rate in the world

Is physical education required in Peru schools?

Yes course in every schools upon this world you have to.

Why is education a privilage?

Education is not a privilege, it is a right common to all citizens under a modern constitutional government. However, there are countries in the world where education is suppressed. Under these circumstances it is regretfully reported that education is a privilege

What is the job market like for pe teachers?

By PE I will assume that you are referring to Physical Education. And Physical Education Teachers have a very big job market to enjoy in. The world is made up of physical people and mental people. And majority of the people are physical people. You have a high hope of training them, haven't you?

Who is known as the father of modern astrology?

Alan Leo, a British astrologer, is often credited with the title "father of modern astrology" as his works revitalised astrology in the Western world after its decline in the 17th century.

What has the author John Chika Agboso Ndulue written?

John Chika Agboso Ndulue has written: 'Selected aspects of physical education in advanced countries around the world with implications for the developing areas, especially Africa' -- subject(s): Education, Physical education and training

Why you should listen to your physical education teacher?

Because he/she is trying to help you improve your health. Without the education they give, the majority of the world would be fat and extremely unhealthy.

What is the application of computer in education?

Computers are everywhere in our modern world; it is very important that you learn to use them from an early age.

Relevance of traditional system of education in modern time?

Traditional education is still valuable today. It ensures that the basic concepts are still being taught to students and that they are ready for the real world.

How does modern physics help the world?

On a basic level, physics affects every physical process in the world. Learning and developing physics will also help learn about and develop the world.

What has the author Elizabeth Teresa Howe written?

Elizabeth Teresa Howe has written: 'Education and women in the early modern Hispanic world' -- subject(s): Education, History, Social conditions, Women

Who is the father of the world?

the father of the world is....... god

Social sciences are?

it really depends on the country. For the united kingdom social sciences are P.S.E Personal and Social Education R.E religious education SVS social vocational studies *varies* and can also include modern studies- looking at the modern world through politics and the news.

What was the impact of modern warfare on soldiers during World War 1?

Modern warfare caused great physical and emotional trauma to the soldiers in World War 1. The new technologies included machine guns and mustard gas.

How many schools have physical education everyday?

Every single school in the whole wide world. George Watsons College has it twice a day

What has the author Arnold S Nash written?

Arnold S. Nash has written: 'The university & the modern world' -- subject(s): Higher Education

What is benefits of modern education?

Modern education is the best education in the world

Is physical geography no longer an issue in the modern world due to technological advancements?

No. Physical geography is always going to be an issue in the modern world no matter how technologically advanced (or not) we are. We still can't build cities on the tundra or even on rocky terrain like that of the Canadian Shield, nor can we build crop-producing farms on the side of a mountain.