Who is the father of Deandre Jordan?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Q: Who is the father of Deandre Jordan?
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What is DeAndre Jordan's birthday?

DeAndre Jordan was born on July 21, 1988.

What position does DeAndre Jordan play?

DeAndre Jordan plays center for the Los Angeles Clippers.

How much does DeAndre Jordan weigh?

NBA player DeAndre Jordan weighs 265 pounds.

What college did NBA player DeAndre Jordan play for?

NBA player DeAndre Jordan played for Texas A&M.

What is DeAndre Jordan's number on the Los Angeles Clippers?

DeAndre Jordan is number 6 on the Los Angeles Clippers.

How much money does DeAndre Jordan make?

NBA player DeAndre Jordan made $10986550 in the 2013-2014 season.

How is Deandre Jordan related to Michael Jordan?

DeAndre Jordan is not related. He grew up in Houston,TX. MJ was born in Brooklyn,NY. So that's an obvious giveaway.

Which is DeAndre Jordan's dominant hand?


What highschool did deandre Jordan attend?

Michael Jordan graduated from Laney High.

When was Jordan deBree born?

Jordan deBree was born on August 6, 1977, in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Who is Blake griffin's best friend in the nba?

DeAndre Jordan

Who were the dunkers of Kobe's camp 2011?

Deandre Jordan and Jevail McGee