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Peter meredith

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Q: Who is the fastest softball pitcher ever?
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Worlds fastest softball pitcher?

There's no real record to substantiate who the fastest pitcher is or was, but Eddie Feigner, the self-proclaimed King of Softball, was once clocked at 104 mph and is considered if not the fastest, at least one of the fastest ever.

Fastest softball pitcher?

Lauren rachel

Who is the fastest woman softball pitcher?

Cat Osterman

Who was the fastest pitcher ever?

Satchel Paige was the fastest pitcher ever witnessed

Who is the fastest softball pitcher in the US?

for 2009 its cat ostreman

Who is the fastest women's college softball pitcher?

well jennie finch is a pretty good pitcher.

Who is the fastest softball pitcher?

Zara Mee broke the record in 2006 with an 111 mph softball pitch.

Who was the fastest men's fast pitch softball pitcher in history?

The King and his Court.

How fast does a college softball pitcher pitch?

College softball pitchers, pitch anywhere from 50mph to about 70mph. But 70mph is about the fastest.

Who was fastest womens softball pitcher?

to me jenny finch! here fastest pitch in 2004 was 71 mph! ( 114 kilometers.)

What is the fastest pitch ever recorded in womens softball?

77.6 mph.

What was the fastest ball ever thrown in softball?

Chap a nikiloson smand

Fastest softball pitch ever thrown?

It was 130 miles per hour by a fast pitch softball player.

Watch is the fasted softball pitch ever?

The fastest softball pitch ever recored was from a 18 year old girl from Texas at the speed of 95!!

What is the fastest underhand pitch?

The fastest ever recored softball pitch is 95. By a 18 year old in Texas!!

Who is the Australian softball pitcher zara mee?

the fastest woman picther. she was in guiessnes world records in 2005

Who is the fastest baseball pitcher?

The fastest baseball pitcher is Aroldis Chapman. He pitched the fastest fastball ever recorded, clocking at 105 mile per hour.

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman?

I play softball so i should know ! The fastest pitch ever thrown by a woman was 80 something mph.

What is the fastest fast-pitch ever?

the fastest pitcher was asher roth in college and it was 115 mph

What is the fastest softball ever pitched by a female?

72 mph and it was thrown by Michelle Smith hope this helps

How fast does the fastest men's softball pitcher throw?

Jack Randall who pitched for the Long Beach NiteHawks.

What is the fastest softball pitch ever?

Anna Lopez piched 97 * ABOUT THE ANSWER ABOVE * It is a MYTH. Well, maybe it is real in Kilometres per hour, but The fastest ever recorded fastball is between the high seventies and low eighties in MPH. any official source will tell you so. and for those of you that compare to baseball, the fastest pitch in baseball was 105 mph. now sorry, but if you are talking about the fastest softball pitcher, it was necessary to bring in the fastest baseball pitcher. His name is Aroldis Chapman, he pitched 105 mph and several pitches all over 102 mph there after. --GO STUDY UP AND DO NOT JUST DEPEND ON THE ANSWERS FROM HERE-- because even though the answer about baseball is right, you still shouldn't depend on this because the previous answer about softball is wrong, extremely wrong.

Who was the fastest MLB pitcher ever?

Joel Zumaya pitched at 104 mph.

How does the pitcher pitch the ball in softball?

a pitcher throws a softball under hand in a circular motion

What is the fastest softball throw?