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Obafamin Martins.

OR Agbonlahor from Aston villa

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Q: Who is the fastest soccer player in fifa 08?
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How do you get arsenals red and black kit on FIFA 08?

you have to win enough tournaments to get enough points to spend in the fifa 08 shop. see ya later!

Is Devin Hester the fastest NFL player?

yea he is because on madden 08 his speed says 100 --------------------- IT'S A VIDEO GAME!!! Jesus Christ...

Is Iran in fifa 08?

no its not...Answernope :( wait for pes 08, it's coming out spring 08, puma jerseys and all for team melli Iran :)

S F Giants Aug 1962 schedule?

1) 08-01 - vs Chicago Cubs 2) 08-02 - vs Chicago Cubs 3) 08-03 - vs Pittsburgh Pirates 4) 08-04 - vs Pittsburgh Pirates 5) 08-05 - vs Pittsburgh Pirates 6) 08-06 - vs Philadelphia Phillies 7) 08-07 - vs Philadelphia Phillies 8) 08-08- vs New York Mets 9) 08-09 - vs New York Mets 10) 08-10 - vs Los Angeles Dodgers 11) 08-11 - vs Los Angeles Dodgers 12) 08-12 - vs Los Angeles Dodgers 13) 08-14 - at Chicago Cubs 14) 08-15 - at Chicago Cubs 15) 08-16 - at Chicago Cubs 16) 08-17 - at Milwaukee Braves 17) 08-18 - at Milwaukee Braves 18) 08-19 - at Milwaukee Braves 19) 08-20 - at Milwaukee Braves 20) 08-22 - at New York Mets 21) 08-23 - at New York Mets 22) 08-24 - at Philadelphia Phillies 23) 08-25 - at Philadelphia Phillies 24) 08-26 - at Philadelphia Phillies 25) 08-28 - vs Milwaukee Braves 26) 08-29 - vs Milwaukee Braves 27) 08-30 - vs Milwaukee Braves 28) 08-31 - vs Cincinnati Reds

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In FIFA Soccer 08 for the PS3 can you have more than 1 player play online multiplayer on 1 PS3?

in fifa soccer 08 for the ps3 you can only have 1 player playing online on 1 ps3 sorry but its the truth

Who its the tallest soccer player in fifa 08?

Kristof van hout he is 6ft 10 at Standard leige.

What club team is the fastest overall in fifa 08?

England is the fastest team

Who is the youngest player on FIFA 08?

Ive been doing some research and i found out that Reuben Noble-Lazarus was the youngest fifa player of 08.hope i helped you

How do you get the camera on fifa 08 behind the player?

change the camera to pro

Was FIFA 08 the first FIFA available to buy on ps3 and xbox 360?

Yes in that FIFA Soccer 07 was not made in a PS3 version even if there was one for the Xbox 360 and 7 other platforms

Should i get FIFA 06 or should i get FIFA 08 on DS?

fifa 08

Who has Hans De Note boom on?

He is a fake footballer who is made from FIFA 08 when it was not had itts official licensed if you onticed. he is a made up player from fifa wich mean you can not delete him. in fifa 08 he is a 89 OVR. in fifa 13, he is a ref

Best players manager mode fifa 08?

the best player is cristiano ronaldo

Which is better FIFA 08 or FIFA 09 on DS?

Fifa 09

What is a gba game ea sport fifa 08 soccer worth?

Three hockey sticks, an arm, and a long job interview with Vladimir Putin.

Who is Edgar Davids?

a soccer player for ajax AFC now (2007/08)