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Shane Williams

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Q: Who is the fastest rugby player ever?
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Who is the fastest Rugby League player ever?

The Farstest Rugby Players ever Are Kobe Bryant, Lebron james and Dirk Nowitski

Who is the fastest England rugby player?

Christian Wade is the fastest England rugby player. However, in the entire world, Jamaica's Usain Bolt is the fastest rugby player.

Who is the fastest rugby player on earth?

Statistics such as that are not kept for rugby players.

Fastest all black rugby player?

Joe Rokocoko

Who is englands tallest ever rugby player?

England's tallest ever Rugby player was Richard West, standing at 6ft11.

Who is the Tallest Irish rugby player ever?

The tallest Irish rugby Irish player ever is current rugby player Devin Toner. He stands at 6' 11' tall, which is currently the tallest record in rugby.

Who is the fastest player ever in the NFL?

This fastest player is NOT Darrell Green.. DG ran the 40 in 4.43 seconds. Bo Jackson has the fastest 40 time ever recorded at a 4.13, making him the fastest player ever in the NFL.

Biiggest rugby player?

te biggest rugby player that ever played was jonah lomu for the all blacks

Who is the fastest man in rugby?

The fastest man in the world of rugby at the moment is properly Daisuke Ohata of Japan. With Bryan Habana coming 3rd, just behind Rupeni Caucaunibuca. And the fastest English rugby player is Tom Varndell, who can run 100m in 10.8 seconds, with no boots on.

Who is the worst rugby player that ever lived?

The worst player that ever lived is called Zak Whitehouse

Who is regarded as the best rugby player ever?

jarrod hayne

Who is the tallest newzealand rugby player ever?

luke charteris

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