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Probably Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Loeb, Juan Mangel Fangio,and Jeff Gordon.These are the fastest race car drivers.

Although Senna and Fangio no longer alive.

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Q: Who is the fastest race car driver known and what is his race?
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What is the real name of the race car driver Drift King?

The real name of the Drift King, the race car driver, is Keiichi Tsuchiya. He is a professional race car driver and is known as Drift King for his unconventional use of drifting.

What sport is Damon Hill best known for?

Race-Car Driver.

What is the fastest car made either race or production?

Fastest race car is Red Bull X2010 Fastest Production car is Bugatti veyron Supersports

What is Glen Kidston known for?

Glen Kidston was known as one of the Bentley boys, he was a race car driver

When was Jerry Was a Race Car Driver created?

Jerry Was a Race Car Driver was created in 1991.

What is the fastest race car in Italy?

the lamborghini aventador

Average height of a race care driver?

The average height of an American race car driver is five foot eleven. The average weight of an American race car driver is 159 pounds.

Where does Michael live?

Michael Schumacher is a well known former race car driver. He lives in Gland, Switzerland.

Where can I learn how to become a race car driver?

To become a race car driver, first you need to figure out what type of race car driving you would like to pursue. Then you need to get experience and start working as a part of a race car team.

How many driver get paid at a nascar race 1st threw 15th or what?

Every car that enters a race will be paid for that race. Even if it does not finish the race. The amount a car (and driver) gets paid depends on the position the car ends the race in.

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it can be anybody you also

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