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Currently it is Usain Bolt from Jamaica. He holds the world record at 19.30s, and is the reigning olympic gold medalist in the event.

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Q: Who is the fastest male in 200m sprint?
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Fastest time to do a 200m sprint?

The world record is 19.30s.

Fastest female in the 200m sprint?

Florence Griffiths-Joyner holds the world record with 21.34s.

Who is the fastest male runner?

Usain bolt in 100m and 200m

Is Usain Bolt the fastest male runner on earth?

Over 100m and 200m he is.

What are the 2 fastest times to ever be recorded for the men's 200m sprint?

19.19s and 19.30s both by Usain Bolt of Jamaica.

What are the 10 fastest 200m sprint times in 2008?

Ron gatcho fhjjke rvbqwl qkhvb qhkevb kebhm ikh gyh

When did ato boldon set the fastest sprint time?

He ran 9.86 in the 100m 4 times and ran a 19.77 in the 200m, a Trinidad and Tobago record.

What is the world record 200m sprint?


What did Kathy freeman compete in?

Athletics: 100m Sprint 200m Sprint Etc.

Who is fastest person over 200m?

The fastest running man over 200m is Usain Bolt (Jamaica) who ran 200m in just 19.19 seconds in 2008. The fastest running female over 200m is Florence Griffith-Joyner (USA) who ran 200m in 21.34 seconds in 1988.

What race influenced reggae music?

200m Sprint

What is the fastest time recorded for 100m sprint in Australia for a male under 15 yrs?