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chris johnson is the fastest person in the nfl.

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Q: Who is the fastest NFL running back?
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Is willie Parker the fastest running back in NFL?

No. Yes He Is no chris Johnson

Who is the fastest NFL rookie?

Chris Johnson is a Running Back for the Tennessee Titans. He posted a 4.24 at the combine. fastest of all rookies.

Who is the overall fastest player in the nfl 2011-2012 saeson?

It is really Chris Johnson the running back for the titans.

In madden NFL 07 in superstar mode What is the fastest half back?

The fastest running back is usually when your dad is a hall of fame or pro bowl running back and your mom does some kind of running job or was at one point an olympic runner, but these two together are very hard to get.

What is the fastest 40 yard dash by a 14 year old?

The fastest 40 in NFL history is chris Johnson 4.24 running back for the Tennessee titans

Who is the fastest American football player?

The fastest NFL player is New York Jets running back Chris Johnson, who ran a 4.24 40 yard dash time at the 2008 NFL Scouting Combine.

Fastest man in the nfl ever?

The "fastest man ever" title belongs to running back Bo Jackson, who ran a 4.12 second (hand timed) 40.

Fastest man in the NFL 2009?

Tennessee Titan's Running Back Chris Johnson, with three rushing TDs of at least 85yards.

What is the average weight of an NFL running back?

average weight of an nfl running back is about 215 pounds

Who is Best running back in the NFL?

Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL right now!

Who is the fastest running back in the NFL?

Ricky Willams, Darren Sproles, Adrean Peterson, reggie bush, chris Johnson but chris Johnson is faster and he is the best running back in the NFL right now. BUT SOON TO BE NEXT CHRIS JOHNSON (CJ SPILLERS)

Who is the fastest man in the NFL?

many people refer to Devin Hester as the fastest man in the NFL capable of running a 4.26 40 yard dash.

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