Who is the fastest NFL rookie?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Chris Johnson is a Running Back for the Tennessee Titans. He posted a 4.24 at the combine. fastest of all rookies.

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Q: Who is the fastest NFL rookie?
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Who is the NFL 2008- 2009 fastest player?

it really depends on what you think..... the top people i know that are currently the fastest in the nfl are Devin hester, randy moss, Reggie bush, and Michael bennet,.... This is based on their 40 yard dash times

When was Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year created?

Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year was created in 2002.

What was the year Barry sanders the NFL Rookie of the year?

1989 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

Is mike Wallace fastest in NFL?

he is the fastest WR in the nfl

Are you a rookie for 3 years in the NFL?

no you onnly have one rookie season

What is the average rookie NFL salary?

The minimum salary for 2010 for a rookie in the NFL is $325,000 per year.

When was Tom Brady a rookie in the NFL?

His debut NFL season was 2000

Who the fastest qb in the NFL?

The fastest QB ever to enter the nfl is Michael Vick.

Who in the nfl ran the fastest 40 yard dash?

The fastest NFL 40 yard dash ever at the combine (rookie evaluation) was Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans. He ran 4.24 in 2008

Fastest NFL 40?

Bo Jackson 4.12 at the NFL Combine. Fastest verified 40.

Who is the first fastest tight end in the NFL?

The Fastest Tight End In The NFL Is Kevin Boss

Who is the best rookie in the nfl?

andrew luck