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In 1987, Bill Elliott took the pole at Talladega with a speed of 212.809 mph!!

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Q: Who is the fastest NASCAR driver?
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What is the fastest speed a Nascar driver has gone in a race?

Benny Parsons 220 mph.

Who is the NASCAR driver for Kia?

There is not a Nascar driver for Kia.

What was the fastest average speed set by a Nascar driver?

In 1987, during qualifying at Talladega Superspeedway, Bill Elliott set the Nascar record with a speed of 212.809.

Fastest NASCAR driver?

Mark Martin, won at Talladega in May 1977 with a average speed of 188.354 MPH

What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?

A Nascar driver will have the best sponsor only if the driver has certain characteristics. For example, the Nascar driver will have to be charismatic and a good driver who is ranked highly.

Who is the richest NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the richest Nascar driver with 100,000,000+.

Who is currently the best NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the best NASCAR driver.

How tall is NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson?

Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson is 5'11".

Who is the richest NASCAR driver out there?

The driver who has made the most money from NASCAR and is the richest is Jeff Gordon.

Who was the gay Nascar driver?

Currently, there hasn't been a Nascar driver who admitted to being gay.

Is NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon gay?

The popular Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon, is not gay.

Is NASCAR driver Michael McDowell in the game NASCAR 09?


Who is NASCAR driver Kurt Busch?

Kurt Busch is a former Nascar Cup Series champion and the brother of Nascar driver Kyle Busch.

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson is he died?

The NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson is not dead. He races in the number 48 car in the NASCAR races.

How fast has a driver gone in NASCAR?

The fastest lap in Nascar was an average speed of 212.809. This record was set by Bill Elliott in a qualifying lap at Talladega Superspeedway in 1987. This was before restrictor plates were in use.

Which NASCAR driver is from Emporia Va?

Nascar driver, Elliott Sadler, was born and raised in Emporia, Virginia.

Is Ricky Scarborough a NASCAR driver?

No, he's not a driver currently in any of Nascar's top three series.

Who was the first African American NASCAR driver?

Wendell Scott was the first African American Nascar driver.

What is the average age of a NASCAR driver?

The average age of a NASCAR driver these days is between 25-40.

How many years of college do you need to be a Nascar driver?

A person does not have to attend college in order to be a Nascar driver.

Who is NASCAR driver Ryan Newman's wife?

Nascar driver Ryan Newman is married to Krissie Boyle.

Who was the first Canadian NASCAR driver?

Allen Heath of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was the first Canadian Nascar driver.

When did Richard Petty want to be a NASCAR driver?

He was pretty much born to it. His father Lee, was a NASCAR driver.

Who is the tallest NASCAR driver of all time?

Buddy Baker was the tallest driver to ever race in NASCAR at 6'6. Michael Waltrip is the tallest current driver racing in NASCAR at 6'5.

What is the fastest speed a driver has driven in NASCAR?

Each car is built differently, but my guess is about up to 300-400 miles per hour. The fastest Nascar speed on record, was the qualifying lap by Bill Elliott at the Talladega Superspeedway in May 1987. The speed was 212.809 mph.