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Q: Who is the fastest 14 year old in the world?
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What is the fastest 5K time ran by a 14 year old?


Fastest heart rate for 14 year old?


What is the fastest 100 meter dash by a 14 year old?


What is the fastest 2 mile by a 14 year old?

The best 2 mile time for a 14 year old is 8min and 32 seconds

What is the fastest 5k run by a 51year old?

The fastest 5k by a 51 year old is 14:55:60 by Antonio Villaneuva of Mexico.

What is the fastest mile time for a fourteen year old?

the fastests mile by a 14 year old is 4:15 by Lucas

What is the fastest 5km for a 12 year girl?

The fastest 5K for a 12-year-old girl is 16:17, according to the No Excuses 5K. (14:52 for 12-year-old boys.)

What is the fastest shuttle run time?

The record for 14 year old boys is 6.6 seconds.

Fastest 1 mile run by fourteen year old?

The fastest time for a 14 year-old to run a mile by Cody King in Gergory- Portland,etxas by 4 min. and 47 sec. ______________----------------------------------------____________________________ My mile time is 5:10 and I'm a freshmen ( 14 year old 15 in November). By PvtNinja

Fastest 5k for 12 year old?

The fastest 5 kilometer run by a 12 year old is 16:17 for a female and 14:52 for a male, according to the "No Excuses" 5 km Run website.

What is the fastest one mile time.?

3:43 seconds ran by a 14 year old kid.

You are a 13 year old with a mile time of 5 01 is it possable for you to run under a 4 min mile before your freshmen year starts?

No. You have one of the fastest miles in the world already. The fastest woman's time in the world is 4 minutes 12.56 seconds. To get it under that would be amazing.The fastest man's time is 3:43.14.You'd be breaking the fastest woman's record in the world by 14 and nearly breaking the fastest man's record.Not impossible. But highly unlikely. A fourteen year old just doesn't have that type of stamina.

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