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The Famous Sports Player of cricket is shakib al Hasan

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Hasan Al Mansur

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Shakib Al Hasan undoubtedly.
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Hasan Al Mansur

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โˆ™ 2021-04-16 08:57:58
10 sports icon r considered as the best in Bangladesh. Sakib Al Hasan.MashrafeBinMurtaza. Tamim Iqbal(Cri) Kazi Salauddin.Enayet.Monem Munna(Fb) RaniHamid.Niaz Morshed(Che) BrojenDas(Swi) ShahAlam(Ath) Mosharraf (Box) Yad Ali(Vol) Bulbul(Bb)NiniAtiq(Shot)
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Q: Who is the famous sports person of Bangladesh?
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Who is the famous sports person in Bangladesh?

M Mortaza Cricket

Who is famous sports star in Bangladesh?

a 75 killo man

Who is the famous sports man in Bangladesh?

Cricketer Shakib Al HASSAN

Who is the famous sport's person from Bangladesh?

shakib al Hasan

What is Bangladesh famous drink?

what is Bangladesh famous drink

Who is the famous sports men in Bangladesh?

There are many famous sport person on national, Asian, SAAF games and International levels. On International level Bangladesh Cricket Team is doing fine. Its in 4th position In ICC after two times beaten New Zealand in Ireland and ICC, 2017. Out of the players some famous names are Tamim Iqbal, Mushfiqur Rahim, Madhrafe Murtaza, Shakib al Hassan

What are some sports played in Bangladesh?

Kabaddi, football, cricket, chess, hockey are some popular sports in Bangladesh.

Who is famous sports person in srilanka?

Srilankais famous for cricket. Sangakkara is the famous one.

Who is the famous sports person of china?

Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, and Li Ning are famous sports people in china.

What is a name of a French famous person?

the most famous french sports person is Andree Brunet and Pierre Brunet!!!

Have any famous people been to Bangladesh?

Yes famous people have been to bangladesh

Who is Nepal's famous sports person?

Tensing norkay

Is there a famous Greek sports person?

poros of malia

Who is famous sports person in Nepal?

Diwash gurung

What is the name of a famous sports person?

Tiger Woods

Who is Portugal's there most famous sports person?


Who was the most famous person in sports?

Pele was a soccer player from Brazil. He is a person that most people think will think is most famous person is sport.

Who is the Nepal famous sports person?

westyn is the answer! and a major boss!

Who is the most famous sports person in the world?

steven Gerrard

Who is a famous sports person from Sri Lanka?

Mahela Jayawardene

Famous sports person who died in 1919?

donald bradman

Who is a famous Brazilian sports person?

One I know is Pele.

Who are the famous people in Bangladesh?

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is famous in Bangladesh because he bought Independence to Bangladesh. High families in Sylhet are also famous e.g. Abdul Jabbar Chowdhury and his family.

Which famous sports person shares his last name with another famous sportsperson?

Eli and Peyton Manning

Who is the famous sports person in Pakistan?

Not many famous sports person are there in Pakistan but some might ring a bell in you:- Shahid Afridi (Cricket)Wasam Akram (Former cricket bowler)Umar Akmal( Cricket)Saeed Ajmal( Cricket)