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Q: Who is the famous football coach competing in Survivor Nicaragua?
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Who is a famous athlete in Nicaragua?

Eric Guillen softball,football,and baseball player

Who are famous in Nicaragua?

Two Famous Musicians in Nicaragua and their background history

Famous people who were born and raised in Nicaragua?

who was the famous people that came from nicaragua

What kind of sports those Nicaragua play?

like any other Latin American Country Nicaragua enjoys football (Soccer) but the most popular sport in Nicaragua is by far baseball (some claim because of one of its most famous children Roberto Clemente).

Who was a famous survivor?

Sandra Diaz-Twine is a famous survivor; she is the only person in Survivor history to win the game twice.

What are some of Nicaragua famous landmarks?

the famous landmark of Nicaragua are Isla de Ometepe and Concepcion

What are some famous events in Nicaragua?

One of the famous events in Nicaragua was when Nicaragua became independent in 1838. In 1909 US troops helped to overthrow general Jose Zelaya. In 1981 the US stopped aid to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua famous places?

Some famous places in Nicaragua are the Cathedral of the Assumption in Leon and Corn Islands. Bosawas Biosphere reserve is another famous place.

Who is a famous poet in Nicaragua?

Claribel Alegria is a famous Nicaraguan poet. She was born in Esteli, Nicaragua, and in 2006, she won the Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

Are there any mountains in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is not famous for its mountains. It does have mountains, however. One such mountain is called Mogoton.

Who was the most famous survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack?

To me, the most famous survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack was inspirational speaker and motivator Earl Nightingale.

Are there any famous scientists in Nicaragua?

your mom is the answer

What is so special about Nicaragua?

Roberto Clemente is from Nicaragua and died in a plane crash on his way back.Roberto was a famous baseballl player

Who is a famous artist from Nicaragua?

Luis Enrique (Salsa)

What are some famous painters of Nicaragua?

Erick Blandon

Who is a famous castaway survivor?

Alexander Selkirk

Where was the first season of survivor?

The first season of Survivor took place in Borneo, an island in SE Asia. The ever famous Richard Hatch was crowned the sole survivor.

Why is Nicaragua famous?

Nicaragua is famous for having many volcanoes, it has 2 big lakes! one's name is Lago Cocibolca, and the other is Lago Xolotlan. Nicaragua is also famous for the beauty of the caribbean coast, it has a very beautiful island named Corn Island. Actually, there is two Little and Big Corn Island. Nicaragua has very enjoyable places where one can go to learn a little bit about the Nicaraguan culture, such as Leon, Granada, Masaya, etc.

Who are Nicaragua's influential people?

There are a variety of famous people from Nicaragua. Some of these include Nora Astorga, Barbara Carrera, as well as Alfonso Cortes.

Famous people from Nicaragua?

Ruben Dario, Biannca Jagger...

Who is the most recent famous person in Nicaragua?

Ricardo Mayorga

Which famous athlete died en-route to Nicaragua?

Roberto Clemente

Who are some famous baseball players in Nicaragua?

Dennis Martinez, Marvin Bernard and Vicente Padilla are the most famous.

What is a famous landmark in Oklahoma?

The Survivor Tree has taken on that role.

Who was the most famous survivor of holocaust?

Viktor e frankl