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Rudolf Nureyev is probably the most famous male Ballet dancer who passed away from AIDS in 1993.

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Q: Who is the famous ballet male dancer who died of AIDS?
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When did Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev pass away?

Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev passed away January 6, 1993. He was only 54 years old and died of AIDS. He was an accomplished ballet dancer and had UK citizenship.

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Whether ballet dancer ivy Kirby of camberley is still alive and if so where is she and who are her relatives?

she died in Los Angeles in 2001 age 89. I am her niece.

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Ballet dancers have died when performing in the past, this was due to the stage lighting. Before the use of electric lighting, gas lights were used. If a flammable object caught alight, dancers could and did burn to death. I am sure over time, props may have caused death when dropped on a dancer. Nowadays it is pretty rare for a dancer to die whilst doing ballet. They can sustain some very debilitating injuries, spinal problems, paralysis etc, but generally boney and soft tissue injuries, are the most common.

Who can tell you how to contact ivy Kirby a ballet dancer from camberley in England?

Ivy Kirby died in Los Angeles on 24 May 2001. She was 89 years old. My mother and she were sisters.

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