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There are many famous gymnasts athletes. One such famous gymnast is Dominique Dawes and another famous gymnast is Gabby Douglas.

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Q: Who is the famous athlete of gymnastics?
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Who is a famous athlete gymnastics?

Carly Patterson, Shannon Miller, Kerri Strug, Amanda Borden, Shawn Johnson etc.

Is Romania famous for gymnastics?

Yes, Romania is very famous for gymnastics; Romania has a long tradition in gymnastics.

Has chili ever won a medal in gymnastics in the Olympics?

No, not only has Chile not won a gymnastics medal ... they have never sent an athlete to the Olympics to compete in gymnastics.

Who is Shawn Johnson's favourite athlete?

Her favorite gymnast is Kim Zmeskal and her favorite athlete not in gymnastics is Lance Armstrong.

Who was the famous athlete in Pakistan?

in my view Janghir khan was the famous athlete in Pakistan

How do you spell athalete?

The correct spelling is athlete (one who engages in sports or gymnastics).

Is Mike Tyson a famous athlete?

Yes Mike Tyson is a famous athlete due to his professional boxing.

Is Natalie Coughlin a famous athlete?

Yes. She is famous.

Who was the top athlete in the 1896 Olympics?

The athlete that won the most medals was Hermann Weingärtner of Germany who won six (3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) in gymnastics. The athlete that won the most gold medals was Carl Schuhmann of Germany who won four, 3 in gymnastics and 1 in weightlifting.

How many new zealanders are competing in rhythmic gymnastics?

The have not entered an athlete in any Gymnastic event

When and where was gymnastics first an olympic event?

Gymnastics were part of the Olympics as early as 1896, men were the athlete for women were not allowed to compete at the time. Men's gymnastics were popular enough to become a game in the Olympics. In 1928 were the women's first try at Olympic gymnastics. The first women's gymnastics were in Amsterdam.

What is the most famous gymnastics move?


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