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The current equipment manager for the Dallas Cowboys is Mike McCord.

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Q: Who is the equipment manager for Dallas Cowboys?
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Who created the original Dallas Cowboys logo?

The Dallas Cowboys logo was created by Jack Eskridge. He was hired to be the Cowboys' equipment manager in 1959 and subsequently designed the star logo.

Who is the present general manager of the Dallas Cowboys?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also serves as the team's general manager.

Who is the human resources manager for the Dallas Cowboys?

Tex Schramm

Who was the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys before Jerry Jones?

Tex Schramm, who was the Cowboys' president and general manager from 1960 to early 1989.

What is the yearly salary of Dallas cowboys general manager?

$77,000 to $100,000 a year

Who was bum brights general manager for the dallas cowboys?

Bright retained Tex Schramm, who served as the Cowboys' president and general manager from 1960 to February 1989.

How did the Dallas Cowboys become the Dallas Cowboys?


What is Chris Brown favorite football team?

his favorite football team is the dallas cowboys

Who is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys?

Jerry Jones, who also acts as the team's president and general manager.

When and where were the Dallas Cowboys created?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960. They were known as the Dallas Cowboys.

When were the Dallas Cowboys established?

The Dallas Cowboys were established in 1960.

Why do the Dallas Cowboys wear blue and gray?

The Cowboys' colors are royal blue, silver blue metallic and white. Tex Schramm, Dallas' original president and general manager, reportedly believed that the colors were attractive to viewers watching the Cowboys on television.

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