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Q: Who is the elder of the two William sisters?
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Did William booth have any siblings?

He had three sisters, Ann, Emma and Mary, and an elder brother, Henry,

Does Georgie henely have a sister or brother?

Yes, Georgie Henley has two older sisters, Rachael and Laura Henley.

When did William Corden the Elder die?

William Corden the Elder died in 1867.

When was William Theed the elder born?

William Theed the elder was born in 1764.

When did William Theed the elder die?

William Theed the elder died in 1817.

When was William Corden the Elder born?

William Corden the Elder was born in 1795.

How may brothers and sisters did Tony Blair have?

He has an elder brother Sir William Blair, who is a hight court judge, and a younger sister Sarah.

When did William Henry Elder die?

William Henry Elder died on 1904-10-31.

When was William Henry Elder born?

William Henry Elder was born on 1819-03-22.

When was William Elder - Canadian politician - born?

William Elder - Canadian politician - was born in 1822.

When did William Elder - Canadian politician - die?

William Elder - Canadian politician - died in 1883.

Why are elder sisters so sweet?

'cordin 2 me elder sisters are more responsible since they are elder they have more values and are responsible they have to take responsibilities of younger siblings and thus are sweet