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As of Oct. 30 2011 it is Beth Phineox

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Nikki bella

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Q: Who is the divas champion right now?
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Did mickie James hold both of the womens and divas champion?

YESS she Did she was the Second Women to Hold both the Womens Champion [Four-Time] & thee Divas Champion the first one to Hold Both of the Divas & Womens Champion is Michelle McCool

Who currently has the divas champion?

it is layla

Is aj lee the divas champion?


Will Maryse win the divas Champion?

Yes, she already is a diva champion

Who will be the next divas champion?

kelly kelly

Who is dating the divas from the Hardy Boys?

No one right now !!!!

Who has the WWE divas champiochip belt right now?


How many times has Eve Torres been divas champion?

Eve Torres has been divas champion 2 times as of the 2011 royal rumble.

Who had the WWE divas champion first?

The first ever Diva's Champion was Michelle McCool.

Who was the first divas champion of 2009?

Michelle McCool

Is mickie James the divas champion?

Yes sheBeat Maryse at thee Night of Champions in July 26 2009As of right now she is the Women's champ since she beat Michelle McCool at the Royal Rumble

Eve Torres is the new divas champion she beat Beth Phoenix?

No Beth is still Champion