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Justo chalaire

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Q: Who is the current world arm wrestling champion?
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When was arm wrestling invented?

Arm wrestling is a popular sport that involves two people. It is believed that arm wrestling was invented around 1899. Arm wrestling was not recognized as an official sport until 1901.

Is being addicted to arm wrestling normal?

Why wouldn't it be normal? It's just arm wrestling.

When was Arm Wrestling - video game - created?

Arm Wrestling - video game - was created in 1985.

When did Arm Wrestling - video game - happen?

Arm Wrestling - video game - happened in 1985.

What is an arm wrestler?

An arm-wrestler is a person who engages in arm wrestling.

Who invented arm wrestling?

Arm Wrestling is a sport that is mostly contested and dominated by the United States. Arm Wrestling can be traced all the way back to acient Egypt where a painting depicting a type of arm wrestling was found in an Egyptian tomb dating to 2,000 B.C.

When did arm wrestling start?

Arm wrestling first began in ancient Egypt. A painting depicting arm wrestling was found in an Egyptian tomb that was painted sometime around 2,000 BC.

Was Triple H's arm really broken?

His arm is broken in storyline only. No, HHH's arm is not broken in real life. World Wrestling Entertainment is just that, "entertainment".

How do you get into arm wrestling?

You just ask someone to.... and they'll do it. Eventully you will be a pro at it...then if you really like it you can go to arm wrestling school!!

Will there be arm wrestling in the 2012 olympics?


How do you get better at arm wrestling?


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