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The current champion is the Russian Natalya Sadova.

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Q: Who is the current womens discus champion?
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What is the mass of womens discus?


Who is New Zealand's current world shotput champion?

Charlie putnam is the womens new zealend shotput champion. she is competeing in london 2012 olympics.

How may times has chyna been womens champion?

chyna was womens champion once and intercontinetal champion twice

Who is the current womens Kite Surfing world champion?

If you mean kite boarding, it's Kristin Boese

Who is the current WWE women's champion?

Kelly kelly at the time was the Divas Champion, the WWE Womens Championship is now retired and they only use the Divas Championship

How many times has Melina been womens champion?

Melina is a 6 time WWE womens champion

What is the womens world record discus throw?

100 metres

Did mickie James hold both of the womens and divas champion?

YESS she Did she was the Second Women to Hold both the Womens Champion [Four-Time] & thee Divas Champion the first one to Hold Both of the Divas & Womens Champion is Michelle McCool

Who is the current shot put World Champion?

Mens: Christian Cantwell Womens: Valerie Vili

What is the mass of the womens discus?

1 kg

What is the weight of the discus for womens junior championships?

they dont weigh alot for sure

Who won womens title in 1984?

Martina Navratilova was the womens single champion in 1984

What was Wimbledons women champion 2007?

the champion of the womens Wimbledon 2007 was Amelie Mauresmo

Who is the current Wimbledon champion?

Rafael Nadal is the current men's champion and Serena Williams is the current women's champion.

Who is womens champion 2012 WWE?


Who won the womens wiimbledon title in 1999?

Lindsay Davenport was the womens champion in the year 1999

Wimbledon champions of 2009?

The Mens champion was Roger Federer and Womens champion was Serena Williams

Who is the current NASCAR champion?

Jimmie Johnson is the current champion.

Who is the WWE womens champion now?

The title is retired.

Who was the Wimbledons womens champion in 1997?

Martina Hingis.

Who was the last womens champion in wwe?

Michelle Mccool

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shomaker is the current F1 champion in the world.

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Who is the current Olympic Champion for basketball?

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The miz is the current intercontenental champion