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For the 2010~2011 season, the final for the Champions' League has not yet been held. Therefore, with one match left:

  • UEFA Champions' League (FCBarça vs Man.Utd)
    • Lionel Messi (FCBarça) - 11 goals (1st)
    • Javier Hernández (Man.Utd.) - 4 goals
    • (other players' teams knocked out)
  • UEFA Europa League (FCPorto vs SCBraga)
    • Falcão (FCPorto) - 17 goals (record)
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I thinkin it be the guy who plays 4 dat team in dat city

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Cristiano Ronaldo(25 in all competitions)

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Jermain Defoe

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Q: Who is the current top goal scorer in Europe in the 2011 season?
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