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The President is Patrick Henry. He was elected in 2007.

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The current president of the Belize Volleyball Association is Mr. Allan M. Sharp.

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Q: Who is the current president of the Belize softball federation?
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Belize Basketball Federation was created in 1973.

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Football Federation of Belize was created in 1980.

Who is the current President of Belize?

Belize is part of the Commonwealth. I do not know if that means the Head of State is HM the Queen.... Yes, Belize is part of the Commonwealth however we are an independent nation.The leader of Belize is called a Prime Minister.The current one is the Hon. Dean Barrow.

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No. Belize is a monarchy with a Queen, not a presidency.

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The places one can remain current on Belize news include Belize news channel 5 and Belize news channel 7. A person could also stay current on the news in Belize by reading the local newspaper in print or on the computer.

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