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dale stayn

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Dale Steyn of South Africa

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Wasim Akram

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Q: Who is the current number one ranked bowler in the world of cricket?
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What is jersey number of Dale Steyn?

Dale Steyn is a South African cricketer. He plays in Test and One Day International cricket and is the number one ranked Test bowler in the world. His ODI jersey number is 8.

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Currently,England is ranked number 1 in tests and Australia in ODI's.

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Who is no 1 ranked team in cricket?

Australia are currently the best test cricket team in the world

Who is the best bowler in the west Indian team update?

Jerome Taylor is the leading test bowler for WI in the tests.He is ranked 13th by ICC with a rating of 628 points All time best is C.E.L.Ambrouse rated with 912 points at number 6 in test cricket In ODIs Jerome Taylor is Sharing 8th Rank with rett Lee of AUS with 667 points according to ICC ratings J.Garner is all time best bowler for WI in ODIs with 940 points and he is the No.1 By this views we can say at present JEROME TAYLOR is the back bone of WI bowling line up

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