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Billy Beane

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Q: Who is the current general manager of Oakland A baseball team?
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Manager of raiders Oakland?

Al Davis is Oakland Raiders general manager.

How much money does a baseball general manager earn?

The team general managers in Major League Baseball earn anywhere from $500,000 to $2 million per year. Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A's makes $1 million per year.

Who was the general manager for the 2001 Oakland Athletics major league baseball team?

Billy Beane, who has been the A's GM since the end of the 1997 season.

What kind of classes who you need to be a baseball general manager?

There are no classes in becomming a baseball general manager. You would however need a business degree.

Who is the current general manager of the Miami Dolphins?

Jeff Ireland

The Miami Dolphins current general manager?

Mike Hawk

Who is San Diego's current general manager?

AJ Smith

Who is the general manager of Manchester united?

The current Manchester United manager is Sir Alex Ferguson.

Is a general manager in the Major League Baseball the same as a head coach in the NBA?

No. A head coach in the NBA is the same as a manager in MLB. The general manager, in both MLB and the NBA, is the next level up from head coach/manager. The NBA general manager hires/fires the head coach and the MLB general manager hires/fires the manager.

Who is the current general manager of GMC auto maker?

Brian K. Sweeney was appointed the position of general manager of GMC as of December 17, 2009. He had been sales manager since mid 2008.

What do you like the most about your current job?

I'm almost THE GENERAL MANAGER at such in initial stage.

Who is the current general manager of WWE raw December 2010?

No-body knows as they are anonymous.

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