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When was Jackie Joyner-Kersee born

Where was Jackie Joyner-kersee born

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Q: Who is the current British record holder in the women's heptathlon?
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Who is the Olympics heptathlon champion?

Heptathletes have the chance to become the new Olympic heptathlon champion every 4 years. The current champion being Natalya Dobrynska. The heptathlon Olympic record holder is Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

Who holds the men's world record in heptathlon?

Ashton Eaton holds the current world record in heptathlon.

Who is the current men's 100m world record holder?

Usain Bolt is the current world record holder for the 100 meter dash

Who is the current olympic record holder?


Who was the previous record holder in triple jump?

Before the current record holder, Edwards, was Willie Banks.

Who was a heptathlon olympian?

There have been many heptathletes. There is the world/olympic record holder Jackie Joyner-Kersee, there is also the british record holder Denise Lewis. Most of the well known heptathletes are European although that is not always the case, Hyleas Fountain of the United States of America is a a also a well know heptathlete.

Who is the current olympic record holder for men's javelin after 1 April 1986?

As of May 2014, Jan _elezn_ is still the current Olympic record holder for the men's javelin. He became the record holder in April 1986.

Who is the current record holder of the Olympics?

yor mom

Current record holder for rhythmic gymnastics?

Current record holder for the Olympics is Almuneda Cid, having participated in the Olympics for Rhythmic Gymnastics 4 times.

Who is the current record holder for artistic gymnastics?

Shawn Johnson!!

Who is the current Olympic record holder for women's javelin?


What is the only standard track and field event in which a British male athlete is the current world record holder?

I'm not sure if this is the only event, but Jonathan Edwards of Great Britain is the world record holder in the triple jump with a jump of 18.29 meters.

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