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Pat Summit has been the coach of the Tennessee Vols women's Basketball team since 1974.

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Q: Who is the coach of the Tennessee Vols ladies basketball team?
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Who is the coach for the UT vols ladies basketball team?

Pat summit

Who are the head coaches of the Tennessee vols?

Butch Jones is the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers football team. Rick Barnes is the head coach for the Tennessee men's basketball team. Holly Warlick is the head coach for the Tennessee women's basketball team.

Which university has the most wins in women's basketball?

Tennessee Vols.

Who is Pat Summitt?

Pat Head Summitt (born Patricia Sue Head on June 14, 1952 in Clarksville, Tennessee) is the coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team. She has been coaching for 34 years, all with the Lady Vols. Her career win-loss record as coach is 963-180 .

What women's college basketball team has the most wins?

Tennessee Lady Vols

Why does Tennessee still have derrick dooley as their coach?

Actually why do they still have Derrick Dooley as their head coach. They need a new coach they also need a new QUARTERBACK, and not to be racists or anything but Tennessee Vols. needs a black quarterback to run a spread offense. Tennessee Vols. also needs better recruiting.

What has the author Ben Byrd written?

Ben Byrd has written: 'The basketball Vols' -- subject(s): Basketball, Knoxville University of Tennessee, Tennessee Volunteers (Basketball team)

Who will be Tennessee's next rumored football coach?

Lane Kiffin. Phillip Fulmer said, " Oh my Vols"!

Who is the defending champ in women's college basketball?

The Tennessee Lady Vols beat the Stanford Cardinal 64-48

Where do the lady vols basketball team play?

Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee, also know as "The Summitt"

What Tennessee sport is the Vols referring to?

'The Vols' is a popular nickname for the Tennessee Volunteers and Lady Volunteers. The Vols are the National Collegiate Athletic Association college sports teams at the University of Tennessee which is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What is the nickname of sports teams at the University of Tennessee?

The sports teams at the University of Tennessee are nicknamed the Volunteers. In their women's basketball program I have noticed the are referred to as the Lady Vols.

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