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Mark Richt is the University of Georgia's head coach for the football team

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Ernest West.

Georgia Tech's first season of football was 1892 and their head coach was Ernest West. 1892 was West's only season as head coach.

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Wallace Butts.

Butts was head coach of the Bulldogs between 1939-1960 and compiled a record, including bowl games, of 140-86-9.

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Q: Who is the coach of the Georgia bulldogs football team?
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Mark Richt is the coach for what University football team?

Mark Richt is an ex quarterback of the Miami Hurricanes. Richt is now the head coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs team. Mark also coached for Florida State and East Carolina.

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What is the average salary for a Georgia football player?

College football players are not paid a salary and can be suspended or permanently thrown off the team for accepting money for playing. The current head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, as of June 2014, is Mark Richt.

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Who does Andy Landers currently coach?

Andy Landers is a head coach of the basketball team, the University of Georgia Lady Bulldogs. Landers has been inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

Did Herschel Walker play for the bulldogs?

Yes, Herschel Walker did play for the Georgia Bulldogs. He was a standout running back for the university's football team from 1980 to 1982.

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No. Tim Tebow spent his entire collegiate career at the University of Florida.

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Because they have the best coach ever and the try their hardest to win. they are the best because they put forth their mind, body, and spirit to win.