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Q: Who is the coach of nebraska Cornhusker basketball team?
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What is a cornhusker?

If the "c" was capitalized, a Cornhusker would be a member of the U of Nebraska football team, or one of it's fans.

Where can the schedule for the Husker's football team be viewed?

There are many websites that offer the Nebraska Cornhusker's football team's schedule online. The best way to view their schedule is by going to the Nebraska Cornhusker's website.

How many games have the Nebraska Cornhusker football team won?

i am pretty sure they have won at least 19 games!!!

Who compose a basketball team?


Who was coach of Kentucky wildcats in 2005?

The coach of the Men's basketball team was Orlando "Tubby" Smith. The coach of the Women's basketball team was Mickie DeMoss The coach of the football team was Rich Brooks.

Do you need a certificate to coach basketball?

you do not need to have a certificate to be a basketball coach for a parks and recreational team.

Who was the coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team in 2003?

Orlando "Tubby" Smith was coach of the Kentucky men's basketball team from 1997-2007.

Who is Natalie nakase?

Coach of the Saitama Broncos, a professional basketball team in Japan. She is the first female to coach a professional men's basketball team.

Who is the coach of the Tennessee Vols ladies basketball team?

Pat Summit has been the coach of the Tennessee Vols women's basketball team since 1974.

Who was the IU basketball coach in 1987?

Booby Knight was the coach of the 1987 Indiana University men's basketball team.

Who is the coach of The Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team?

Bryron Scott is the head coach

Who was the basketball coach of the 1982 North Carolina basketball team?

Dean Smith

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