Who is the champion swimmer?

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Um the champion swimmer would be Micheal Phelps from the united states.

from Canada this year ( 2008 ) in the Olympics it was Ryan Cochrane. He was the only swimmer to get Canada a medal in swimming.

also great swimmer would be

Natalie Coughlin is a great female swimmer from the u.s

Ryan Lochte is also a great swimmer from the u.s.

mike mintanko

ian thorp is one of the worlds best

but right now the worlds best swimmer is Micheal Phelps from the u.s. he got 8 gold medals and 7 world records at the Beijing 2008 Olympics! it was amazing!

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Q: Who is the champion swimmer?
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Yes, Dawn Fraser is an Australian Olympic champion swimmer.

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Who is Ryan locte?

He is a swimmer in he Olympics and a champion and also Micheal Phelps

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Duke Kahanamoku was a world famous champion surfer. He was also an Olympic champion swimmer and an actor in adventure films.

Name the swimmer who became the olympic champion in the teenage?

micahel phelps tom dolan ed moses

What is Stephanie Rice's fitness attribute?

Rice is the fastest female swimmer in Australia. She was awarded the 2012 national champion of the year.

How old is Michael Phelps?

Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps is 32 years old (birthdate: June 30, 1985).

Who is Australian madam buttterfly?

Champion Australian swimmer Susie O'Neill was known as Madam Butterfly because of her exceptional ability in the Butterfly Stroke.

What is the possessive form for swimmer?

The possessive form for the noun swimmer is swimmer's.

Is swimmer an adjective?

You may think it is as it is in "swimmer girl" because its describing, but its not. Swimmer is a verb.

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Japanese Swimmer

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