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Q: Who is the captain of the black sticks?
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When was Captain Black - Captain Scarlet - created?

Captain Black - Captain Scarlet - was created in 1967.

When was Tales of Captain Black created?

Tales of Captain Black was created in 1979.

Who is the captain for the black spot pirate ship?

Nooo. Noo. Its Black Pearl. The black spot is a curse that Jack Sparrow gets, it gives his location to the Kraken. The captain of the Black Pearl is Hector Barbossa.

Who were the baddies in captain scarlet?

Captain Black and the Mysterons.

How do you find the captain in Pokemon black 2?

How to find the captain on pokemon black2

Who was the first black to cross the Atlantic?

Captain James Hackman Tachie-Menson. He was captain of Ghana's First Black Star line.

What is the name of that black stuff that sticks to your lungs when you smoke?


What are some famous black sticks?


How do you contact the black separatists?

you go walking around with velcro and if someone sticks to it, they are the black separtists.

Is Patrick Kane the captain of the Chicago black hawks?

He was never an alternate captain for the Blackhawks.

Who is captain Americas girlfriend?

Black Widow

What is the New Zealand field hockey team called?

The Black Sticks.