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gram smith

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2013-03-10 13:45:11
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Q: Who is the captain for longest period in history of cricket?
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What was the longest segment of the earth's history?

It was the Precambrian time period.

Who has been the captain for the longest period of time.Other than Steve Yzerman?

Alex Delvecchio

Who was England's cricket captain in the 1960s's?

The England Test Captain whose leadership spanned the greatest period of time is Colin Cowdrey 1960 - 1969

In what ways was the Pax Romana a remarkable period in roman history?

it was a remarkable period in roman history because it was the longest time the Romes were not in war

Is the Precambrian time the longest or shortest part of Earth's history?

The Precambrian time period is the longest time period of Earth's history.Looks like we have the same worksheet in school :)

Which dynasty ruled for the longest period of time in Chinese history?

whas shin huady

Which time segment represents the longest time of earth's history?

Pre-Cambrian Time Period

Which planet has the longest rotation period?

Pluto has the longest REVOLUTION period Venus has the longest ROTATION period

While you were skipping eighth period history to get pizza your classmates were learning that this man?

Captain James Cook

What is the longest period in the periodic table?

6th and 7th period are the longest period of the perodic table

Who reigned for the longest period in Miss Universe history?

Every Miss Universe contestant reigns for 1 year.

What is the longest a court case in history?

The longest court case in history was between the McDonald's Corporation and the environmentalist Steel and Morris. The case was known as the McLibel Case and lasted for a period of 10 years before being resolved.

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