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Q: Who is the blond who sings before broadcast of NFL games?
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Who is the blond girl that sings at the start of each NFL broadcast?

Faith Hill

Who sings the 80's song Joey?

Concrete Blond

Who sings the national anthem before the Buffalo Sabres games?

Doug Allen

Who sings the country song with the prase her eyes were green her hair was blond oh your god what did you do?

Andy griggs

Who sings anthem at the hockey games?

Jim Cornelison sings the national anthem at Blackhawks games. Many different people sings anthems at other games.

Who is the blond girl in blue dress singing about stars and light?

Possibly Ellie Goudling. She sings the song "Lights"

Who sings the easyjet advert?

The Wombats- Techno Fan

On season 2 of Glee in the song Touch a touch a touch a touch you who is the blond girl who sings creature of the night after Santana?

Britney the too blond for her own good cheerleader. Hope this helps(: ~MICHIGAN NATIVE(:

Who sings the song this town after the Texas rangers games?

The song played immediately after a Rangers game at the ballpark is "I Like Texas" by Pat Green. I'm not sure what "This Town" song you're talking about but O.A.R. sings a song by that name that I've seen a couple of times on the Fox Sports broadcast. Hope that helps!

Who sings the National Anthem at the Chicago Blackhawks games?

Jim Corneilson is the one who sings the national anthem.Sorry if I spelled his last name wrong!

Who sings the song before i forget?


Who sings would die for you?

Some sings are bigger than other sings. You must understand this before continuing. Hint: DVDA... possible?