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Andy Carrol 35 million = 2 goals

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Q: Who is the biggest waste of money in sports?
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Are international sports a waste of money?

Of course not!! International sports are not at all the waste of money as they provide every sportsman an opportunity to show everyone what talent he or she has.

How much money is spent every year on sports That includes tickets players wages merchendise the root of this question is How much money does America waste on sports every year?

almost no money is wasted on sports because sports are a business

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Too many employees, waste of time and money. The biggest factor is the internet.

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YES. The biggest scam ever, they suck your money out and send you a few auto email every now and again. Dont apply and waste money.

Should you do 2 club sports?

It depends. Diversity in sports is a great thing. I did club soccer and baseball. The biggest issue that affected me was the money involved (which can pile up!) and a lot of practices. If you are up for practicing, have the money and have the will, I'd say go for it.

Does the European Union waste money?

Like any large organisation dealing with large amounts of money, the European Union does waste some money, but it does not waste all of its money and itself is not a waste of money.

Should you buy a blackberry or is it a waste of money?

Waste of money get an LGKS360

Do politics affect sports?

yes politics do have an affect on sport. they spend massive amounts of money on sports and facilities. millions of dollars on sporting clubs and associations like for example: THE WORLD CUP! and other events

What is the biggest toxic waste?

technically, the moon!

How is sports used in sports?

idiotic why do you need to keep sign in to see the answer .its waste

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they are a waste of money because they get lame when your older the only toy that isn't a waste of money is a tech deck or flick trick

Why carnival is a waste of time money and effort?

Why carnival is a waste of time and money