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arsenal-becouse have more titles

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Q: Who is the biggest club arsenal or Chelsea?
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Who is a better football club Chelsea or arsenal?

Arsenal are well better Chelsea are rubbish and have no experience!

Who is the biggest club spurs or arsenal?


What is Chelsea's biggest win against Arsenal?


Which is the richest London football club?

Arsenal as a football club are worth the most (aprox £850 million) and they do have shareholders who combined are worth the most, however Chelsea's biggest shareholder (Roman Abramovich) is worth more than Arsenal's biggest shareholder (Stanley Kroenke, who owns 67% of the club).

The richest club in English leagues?

They are Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United.

What is Manchester United enemy?

Club wise it is Arsenal and Chelsea mainly.

Is the Manchester united club biggest rich in the world?

No , It is'NT the biggest rich club. It is Chelsea football club

Who is the biggest club arsenal or spurs?

Arsenal nver always gonna be spurs no dbout about it

Which premier league club has the most fan base?

ManU have the biggest fanbase in terms of popularity, with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool far behind, but when comes to the ACTUAL LOYAL fans, and not the many fake fans that support ManU and Chelsea, then Liverpool and Arsenal are not far behind ManU. Chelsea are 4th. ManU havethe backing of the Asians as well Liverpool and Arsenal have the backing of most africans Chelsea have most fans from a popular European base.

Arsenal Liverpool man u and Chelsea which of them is oldest club?

manu is the oldest it was founded in 1878,arsenal 1886,liverpool1892,chelsea1905.

Who invented Chelsea?

An absolute gaybo who nothing about football. Arsenal are allways goin to be better because chelsea is a gay football club.

7 players who have played for man utd Liverpool arsenal Chelsea and a spanish club?

Mark Hughes - Man U, Chelsea & Barcelona Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona Jermaine Pennant- Arsenal, Liberpool, Real Zaragoza Emmanuel Petit - Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona Michael Owen - Liverpool, Man U, Real Madrid Lassana Diarra - Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid

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