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Montana is the better pocket passer but Young is the better mobile one.

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Q: Who is the better quarterback Steve young or Joe Montana?
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Joe Montana vs Steve young?

Easy, Montana won 4 Super Bowls as a starting quarterback and Steve Young won 1. So Montana was the better quarterback.

Who was the 49ers quarterback before Steve young?

Joe Montana

Who is a better quarterback?

joe Montana is the best ever followed by Steve young, john elway, dan marino, Jim kelly.

Who had more touchdowns as quarterback to receiver Steve young and Jerry Rice or Joe Montana and jerry rice?

steve young to jerry rice

Who was the 49ers quarterback after joe Montana?

Steve Young, who also was a Hall of Fame player.

How many Super Bowls did Steve Young win as a quarterback?

Steve Young won three Super Bowls. One as a starting quarterback (XXIX) and two as Joe Montana's backup (XXIII and XXIV).

What quarterback was the backup for joe Montana all 4 Super Bowl wins?

steve bono

Who was the quarterback of the 1990 San Francisco 49ers?

Joe Montana was the starting QB and Steve Young was the backup.

Why did Joe Montana leave the 49ers?

Injured after getting hit by Leonard Marshall during the NFC Championship Game in January 1991, Montana missed the entire 1991 season and most of the 1992 season with an elbow injury. By the time he was ready to come back he had been replaced by quarterback Steve Young. Montana recovered from his injuries at the end of the 1992 season, but had lost the starting quarterback job to Steve Young. Montana, who felt he had more football left in him, was then traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in April 1993.

Who was the quarterback for the 49ers in 96?

Steve Young

What jobs did Steve Young have?

Quarterback and lawyer

Who is the best Brigham Young University quarterback ever?

Steve Young

Which NFL quarterback has had the most concussions?

Steve young

Who was the quarterback that won the 1995 super bowl?

Steve Young.

Who was the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers in 1997?

Steve Young.

Who is the actor in the Toyota commercial?

He is the 49er's Quarterback Steve Young.

Who was the quarterback for the San Francisco 49er's in 1995?

Steve Young

Which quarterback has made the most Super Bowls?

Steve Young

Which quarterback has the best percentage in NFL history?

Steve Young

Quarterback for San Francisco in 1995?

The Morman Steve Young

What sort of job did Steve Young have?

Steve Young was a popular American football player. He played professional football for the NFL. He was a quarterback for 14 seasons. Steve Young also graduated from Brigham Young University.

What football team had a pro bowl quarterback and two hall of fame quarterbacks on there team at the same time and who were the players?

San Francisco 49ers Joe Montana Steve Young Steve Bono

Which quarterback has personally scored the most touchdowns?

Steve Young with 43.

Most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a career?

Steve Young, 43

Who was the quarterback during the Super Bowl in 1995 for the 49ers?

Steve young