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Though the Dallas Cowboys are a good team, the Pittsburgh Steelers are a better team, because the Steelers have won the most Superbowl's out of any other team in the NFL, over a period of time when the team was first established to the present day.

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Q: Who is the best team the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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Who had the best record in 2009 the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Dallas Cowboys?

In 2009, the Dallas Cowboys (11-5) had a better record than the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7).

What was the Dallas Cowboys best Super-bowl game?

The one against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Who has the best record Pittsburgh Steelers or Dallas Cowboys?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the Cowboys all time record is 433-322-6 (including playoffs) and the Steelers all time record is 525-497-20 (including playoffs).

What is the best nfl rivalry?

There are many great rivalries in the NFL. One of the best has to be the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Dallas Cowboys. Each have been to the Super Bowl a record 8 times.

What NFL team has the best Super Bowl record?

Ther are three teams that are tied with most wins: The Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Fransisco 49ers. Each team has 5 wins. The Dallas Cowboys have the most super bowl appearances with 8.

Who is the best football team in the NFL?

The best football team is Pittsburgh Steelers because they won the most super bowls. They have 7 super bowls.2nd are the Dallas Cowboys because have 6 super bowls.patroits are but i hate them and they really areThat is wrong the steelers gave 6 and the cowboys have 5 the steelers will get 7 though cause packers goin down. If you want to knnow the beSt team it is.................................................................................................................................THE ATLANTA FALCONS

Who is the best DT of The Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently the starting (best) DT on the Pittsburgh Steelers is Casey Hampton.

What was the best NFL team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers, of course. That depends on what you mean by "best". Currently, it is the Pittsburgh Steelers, because they have won more Super Bowl's than any other team currently, with 6, followed closely by the 49ers and the Cowboys.

What is the best NFL team of all time?

the steelers and the cowboys are the 2 best, but the steelers are

What is the best NFL team of all-time?

the steelers and the cowboys are the 2 best, but the steelers are

Which team is the best?

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is best team?

Dallas Cowboys

The best NFL team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

What year were the Pittsburgh Steelers at their best?


Who has the best defense in 2009?

the Pittsburgh steelers

Who is the best running back to ever play for the Dallas Cowboys?

Tony Dorsett is the best running back to play for the Dallas Cowboys

What team is the best in NFL?

Dallas Cowboys

What is the best team in football?

Dallas Cowboys

Are the Dallas Cowboys the best?

yes they rock

What is the best team in the NFL in your opinion?

the Pittsburgh Steelers

What team in the NFL has the best linebackers?

Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who is the best defense in the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys have the best defense

Best team on NFL?

Dallas Cowboys Best Team

What is the best team in NFL?

The best team in the nfl is the Pittsburgh steelers

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers rock?

All Pennsylvania teams ( Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers ) rock! Yes, Pittsburgh is the best sports city ever. Yeah we have a six pack, we rock and we are the best.