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thats a question of opinion

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Q: Who is the best spinner in the world?
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Who is the world's best off spinner?

harbhajan singh is the best off spinner in the world

Who is the world's best leg spinner?

Shane Warne

Is gearm sawwan is world best off spinner?


Who's the best penspinner in the world?

No one is the best pen spinner. It's all personal preference. For example, Guy A says that bonkura is the best pen spinner in the world due to his smoothness, and creativity. Guy B says Erirornal Kraione is the best pen spinner in the world because he can perform hard or difficult combos easily. So there really isn't a best pen spinner; It's all about personal preference.In the world championships 2009, Spinnerpeem won, with Minwoo in second.

Who has the second best Ninjago spinner?

Samurai x has the second best spinner

Who was the best spin bowlar in 1992 world cup cricket?

Mushtaq ahmed of pakistan was the spinner in 1992

Who is best spiner?

swaab ramay is best spinner

What is the second best Lego spinner?


Will they make the WWE world heverwieght title a spinner?

Nah, I don't think so, I mean the WWE Championship is already a spinner, and if the World Heavyweight Championship became a spinner too that would be kind of boring.

Who is the best off spiner?

Mitesh vyas is the best spinner ever?

Who is the best avatar on poptropica and stardoll?

spotted spinner

What ninjago guy has the best spinner?

nrg cole