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# You # You the best softball player is me because i rock! GO DENI! (sike) lol lol lol lol =]-

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โˆ™ 2009-04-14 21:42:39
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Q: Who is the best softball player of all times?
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Who is jenny finch dating?

Jenny Finch is married to a baseball player and has one son named Ace. Her softball number is 27 and she is the best softball player of all time!

Who is the best African player of all times?

it is George Weah

Who was the best soccer player of all times?


Who is the best football player of all times?


Who is the best athlete in softball?

There is no actual "best" in softball. Everyone contributes to the game. Softball is after all a team sport. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and their good days and their bad days. :) jennie finch is the best :)

What is the best softball team?

ARIZONA. all the way

What would be the analogy for the monochondria for softball?

A coach maybe? They take all the fears (nutrients) out of a player and turn it into readiness (energy)? It's not the best idea but...

Who is the best basketball player of all times?

Michael Jordan

What is the average salary for Women's Professional Softball Player?

The average salary for professional softball player jobs is $53,000. Average professional softball player salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. This salary was calculated using the average salary for all jobs with the term "professional softball player" anywhere in the job listing.

Who is the greatest black softball player of all time?

Natasha Watley

Who is the most best croatian soccer player of all times?

Zvonomir Boban

Who was the best player of all times Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr?

bobby orr

Is their profesional softball?

Yes all over the place the best team you can get on is team usa

Who is the best baseball player of all times?

alex rodriguez, babe Ruth or mickey mantle

Which New England prep school has the best softball program?

Well it all depends on what type of level the player is. Kingswood Oxford has a great program along with Miss Porter's school, and Kent school.

What is the number 1 rule in softball?

Pay attention to the game at all times! Know where your runners are, and if their covered.

How is softball played differently in another country?

u actually have 2 pass the balls at all times'

Who is the best baseball player of all times and who did he play for?

Mickey Mantle played for the New York Yankees.

What softball pitcher has the most strikeouts in a single season?

Cat Hosfield, a high school All American and 2008 Softball National Player of the Year who is now playing at Tennessee. This All SEC team player fanned 659 batters in a single season during her junior campaign at Riverdale High School .

Where is softball located?

Softball is played all over the world

What is the best fast pitch softball glove?

I have a Mizuno glove. It is in Jennie Finch's line of softball gear. I LOVE MY GLOVE! Lol. mizuno really is the best quality in all softball gear. I have mizuno cleats as well that have lasted for a few years now. There is a great website that reviews the Top Fastpitch Softball Gloves, Catcher's Mitts and First Baseman Mitts. It provides Top Rankings of Best Fielding Gloves, Best Catcher's Mitts and Best First Baseman Mitts. It also has reviews from Players, Coaches and Parents. Also, discusses the selection and care of Fastpitch Softball Gloves:

What is inside of a softball?

The inside of a softball is made of cork. Even though it is called a softball, it is not soft at all. Take it from me :)

Who is the renowned player of all times in basketball?

Michael Jordan is the most well renowned player of all time. He is the second best player, and unlike Wilt Chamberlain, he was very popular with team mates, coaches, the media, and fans.

What continents play softball?

none all the softball players died

Who is the best saxophone player of all time?

Olivia shaw is the best saxophone player of all time