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i think kaka is the best football mid in the whole of the world he is class at what he does and can take people on for fun messi doesnt stand a chance if he was against kakaSO KAKA IS THE BEST

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It's Andrea Pirlo. He can shoot free kicks so good, and better than most forwards. Great shots and passes. He proved that in Euro 2012.

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David Beckam David Beckam

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Q: Who is the best soccer midfeilder in 2010?
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Best midfeilder in the world?

Cristiano ronaldo

How much does a pro midfeilder for baseball gets paid?

There is no such thing as a midfielder in baseball. I believe that is a position in soccer.

Who are the best players of FIFA10 on wii?

real madrids keeper casillis and Barcelonas midfeilder Messi

How is the best soccer player in 2010?

Luis Fabiano

Who is the best forward in soccer in 2010?

Minsoo Kim

Best soccer player in the world 2010?

Lionel Messi

Who is the Best Romanian soccer player in 2010?

It is Adrian Mutu.

Who is the 2010 best soccer player?

c ronaldo of real Madrid

Who are the best soccer team in 2010?

Barcelona and real Madrid is suck

Who is the best soccer player of 2010?

Casillas and p.chec are the best goalies and c.ronaldo, ronaldinho and messi are the best players.

Who is currently the world's best soccer player?

Lionel Messi was declared the world's best soccer player in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006

Who is the best African soccer player for 2010?

It is between Drogba and Samuel too.