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The best football player in the world is Jarryd Hayne

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Q: Who is the best rugby league player in the world?
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Is Darren Lockyer the best rugby league player in the world?

Absolutely; No question, no contest!

Who is the best Australian rugby league player?

jarryd hayne

Who is the Best rugby league player in history?

Andrew Johns

Who is the Best Rugby League player of all time?

Bradley Long.

Did America made rugby league?

Amercia didn't create the best game in the world which is "Rugby League". But America does play Rugby League, which is ÄMNRL. It is increasing it's popularity.

Which sport has a Dally M medal?

Rugby League. The Daly M Medal is given to the best player in the National Rugby League of Australia.

Who is the best rugby player in the world rugby world cup?

Kieran Read, All Blacks No.8

Who was the best player last week in the Rugby League?

Billy Slater & Greg Inglis

Who are the top 100 rugby players in the world for 2012?

The best rugby player in the world of 2012 is.... Dylan Hartley

Who is currently the best rugby player in the world?

jarrod hayne

Who is famous at rugby league?

glen coco - best player to play the game. search him up on youtube

What is the best rugby league team in the world?

That is easy. New Zealand. New Zealand are The Current Holder of Rugby League but the aussies Have hold this cup the most so i would vote for them