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Aaron Rodgers has the highest quarterback rating with 104.1.

Brett Favre threw the most completions with 6,300, most touchdown passes with 509, and the most yards with 71,838.

Chad Pennington has the highest completion percentage with 66.0.

Most championships:

Bart Starr with 5. Peyton Manning is a football god, nobody else can do what Peyton Manning can do with a football.

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Starting QB rankings

Injured Starters: Matt Ryan, ATL; Chad Pennington, MIA

1.) Drew Brees, NO

2.) Peyton Manning, IND

3.) Tom Brady, NE

4.) Brett Favre , MIN

5.) Phillip Rivers, SD

6.) Ben Rothlisberger, PIT

7.) Aaron Rodgers, GB

8.) Eli Manning, NYG

9.) Matt Shaub, HOU

10.) Joe Flacco, BAL

11.) Kurt Warner, ARI

12.) Donavan McNabb, PHI

13.) Tony Romo, DAL

14.) Carson Palmer, CIN

15.) Kyle Orton, DEN

16.) Alex Smith, SF

17.) Matt Hasselbeck, SEA

18.) Jay Cutler, CHI

19.) Mark Sanchez, NYJ

20.) Chad Henne, MIA

21.) David Garrad, JAC

22.) Vince Young, TEN

23.) Jason Campbell, WAS

24.) Matt Cassel, KC

25.) Matthew Stafford, DET

26.) Bruce Gradkowski, OAK

27.) Josh Freeman, TB

28.) Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF

29.) Kyle Boller, STL

30.) Matt Moore, CAR

31.) Chris Redman, ATL

32.) Brady Quinn, CLE

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Otto "Otto-matic" Graham played for the Browns in the AAFC and the NFL. He joined the Browns in 1946 (then in the AAFC), and for 4 straight years he led them to the championship game, winning it each time. In 1950, the Browns joined the NFL. The Browns went to the championship game for the next 6 years under Graham, winning it 3 times. His career record in the NFL is 57-13-1, and his career record in professional football (NFL and AAFC) is 105-17-4. He was a winning machine, leading the Browns to the championship game for 10 straight years and winning it 7 of those years.

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for now Peyton manning.

No argument there. Peyton Manning, hands down. Tom Brady's close. It's been unanswered debate... but a debate that only Tom Brady fans fight to sustain.

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Ben Roethlisbergher

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Tom Brady is the best.

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Q: Who is the best quaterback in the nfl?
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