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Q: Who is the best professional pool player from Tennessee?
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What is the average age of a professional pool player?

In 2012 the average professional pool player is 36 years of age.

What is Efren Reyes best known for?

Efren Reyes is a professional pool player from the Philippines. He is best known for being a two-time world champion in the pool playing profession. He has also won numerous other tournaments.

How can you be a better pool player?

The best way to get better is to get professional instruction and then practice, and practice a lot more. Professional instruction will teach you much more quickly what can take years to learn otherwise.

What is filter area required for pool in New Jersey?

Advice into the filtration of your pool is best answered by a local pool professional, Check with your local pool shop.

Who is the best pool player?

Roger Harris

How do you join and participate in the Womens' Professional Billiards Association?

You cannot join and participate until you get sponsored as a professional pool player.

Where is the best place to buy pool supplies in Tennessee?

Pool & Spa Depot. It's located at 5764 Crossings Blvd. in Antioch, TN.

Who is the best pool player in the world?

Aaron Pinkston

Who is the best pool player in Iowa?

Roger Harris

Best pool player in the world?

The best pool player in the world depends upon what year and what game, and what you use to determine "best". The best female pool player in the world for all time has been agreed by many to be Jean Baluska. The best male pool player in the world of all time is argued - in the era of 1820, there is no question it was Francois Mignaud; in the 1950's, there is also no question it was Willie Mosconi; in 2011, the best 9 ball player is recognized as Efren Reyes.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Players - 2013?

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Professional Pool Service?

form_title=Hire a Professional Pool Service form_header=Have your pool maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. How often will you need the service?= {(),W} Is the pool a public pool?= () Yes () No What type of pool do you have?=_

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