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Either Dwyane Wade or LeBron James.

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Q: Who is the best player on the Miami Heat basketball team?
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Is lebron James the best basketball player?

yes, he is the best basketball player the NBA has ever had other than 4 players. i am sure he is going to continue dominating for miami heat!!!!!!!!!

What was the best basketball team in 2011?

miami heat

Which NBA basketball team has the best record?

the Miami heat

Who is the best basketball player on the heats?

If you are talking about the Miami Heat, my opinion would be Dwayne Wade. James looks like a street bum with his beard.

What is Chris Andersen best known for?

Chris Andersen is best known for being a basketball player. He plays for the Miami Heat as a forward center and he wears #11. His nickname is "Birdman".

What number is LeBron James in the best basketball player?

LeBron James was number 23 until he got traded to the Miami Heat, he changed it to number 6.

What made Dwyane Wade famous?

Dwayne Wade plays basketball for the NBA basketball team Miami Heat. He went to college at Marquette University and got noticed as a great basketball player so he went on to play in the pros and is one of the best basketball players of today.

What is the worlds best basketball team?

Miami heat, chicago bulls, atlanta hawks

Who's the best basketball player in the world?

The Basketball player in the world is Lebron James of Miami Heat. There is the best guard, forward, center, passer, rebounder, shooter, etc. So best is just an opinion. You could say who is the best overall and even then you would get at least 10 names on the list. The very best I ever say in my 64 years is Pete Maravich.

Who is the Miami Heat's best player?

Either Dwyane Wade or LeBron James.

Who is the best Miami Heat player?

Either Dwyane Wade or LeBron James.

Is Miami Heat the best team in NBA?

miami heat is the best team in NBA

What did Scottie Pippin say about LeBron James?

Scottie Pippin told news media after watching a Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls basketball game in May 2011 that he thinks LeBron James is the best basketball player of of all time over Michael Jordan.

Where can one buy Miami Heat tickets online?

You can purchase Miami Heat basketball game tickets online at NBA, TicketMaster and Stub Hub. You can purchase advance tickets and view seating charts to pick the best seats.

What Juco has the best basketball program?

The best Men's Basketball Program is Miami-Dade Junior College

Who is the best player in Miami Heat history?

Lebron James because he is better or the same as Michael Jordan.

Is chance the best basketball player?

yes chance is the best basketball player.

Who is the best athlete a soccer player or basketball player?

Basketball player

Who is the best basketball player in Ohio?

The best basketball player in Ohio is Gabby White

Who is the best basketball player in 2011?

lebron James is the best basketball player in 2011

What is Michael Jordon's life like?

When lebron James was younger, he did not have a good life. But now he is a famous Miami Heat player and is the best player ever.

What is prophet Jonah main message?

to represent the heat and worship lebron james. the worlds best basketball player...... EVER! lets go HEAT

Who is the best the best player in the NBA?

Due to his size. strength, and all around game, one could argue that it is Lebron James of the Miami Heat.

Who are Miami heat's best players?

Many people would say that Dwayne Wade and Lebron James are currently the best players on the Miami Heat.

Who is the 2 best basketball player?

the best basketball player is Micheal Jordan the 2nd best is lebron James