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Fred McGriff

AnswerJulio Franco - lol. He went 0-for-1 in one game for the team in 1999. I'd have to say Aubrey Huff is the best player for the Rays, because he's good, and still getting better. AnswerThe best player in Rays history -- as in home grown talent -- is most likely Aubrey Huff. The best player (who had the best MLB career) to play for the Rays is possibly Jose Canseco. The best player to play fo rthe rays with a solid Baseball career and solid performance as a Ray is indeed Fred McGriff as was first suggested.

The best player to be a Ray and enver play for the Rays is Bobby Abreu of the Philadelphia Phillies - who was selected in the expansion draft and then traded for Kevin Stocker.

AnswerMy picks:

Best Overall Player-Carl Crawford

Best Overall Pitcher-Rolando Arrojo

Worst Overall Player-Damian Rolls

Worst Overall Pitcher-Doug Waechter

Most Overrated Player-Rocco Baldelli

Most Underrated Player-Julio Lugo

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Q: Who is the best player in the history of the Devil Rays franchise?
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How old are the Tampa Bay Rays?

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays changed their name to the Tampa Bay Rays before the 2008 baseball season. The franchise entered the American League in 1998. The 2008 season is the franchise's 11th.

What is the most runs the Baltimore Orioles have scored in a single inning in franchise history?

The most runs scored in a single inning by the Baltimore Orioles was 12 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on April 11, 2002.

What year did the Tampa Bay Rays drop the devil from their name?

The Devil Rays became the Rays starting in the 2008 season.

What year did the devil rays start?

The Devil Rays were an American League expansion team in 1998.

When were the Tampa Bay devil rays created?

The Devil Rays began to build their organization shortly after the franchise was awarded in 1995 by naming former Braves assistant GM Chuck LaMar the senior vice president of baseball operations and GM. The franchise's first minor league games took place in the 1996 season. On November 7, 1997, Larry Rothschild was named the team's first manager. The team acquired 35 players in the Expansion Draft on November 18, 1997. Tony Saunders from the Marlins was the first player drafted by the Devil Rays. Their first game was played on March 31, 1998 against the Tigers in front of 45,369 fans. Wade Boggs would hit the teams first franchise home run in the 11-6 loss.

What number did Wade Boggs wear with the Devil Rays?

Wade Boggs wore number 12 with the Devil Rays.

What team entered the major league in 1998?

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Why are the Tampa Bay Rays called the Tampa Bay Rays?

It is their name because every team has to have a name. It was shortened to The Rays from the Devil Rays because the Devil Rays really were not at all winning games.

The oldiest Rookie baseball player signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays?

Yes! He was 42 years old.

Who was the first player taken in the 2007 MLB Draft?

Tampa Bay Devil Rays- P David Price

Why did the Tampa Bay Devil Rays choose devil rays for their mascot?

The Devil Ray is a fish that inhabits the waters around Tampa Bay and is known for its ferocity.

When did the Tampa Bay Devil Rays join the American League?

The Devil Rays first season in the American League was 1998.

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