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Q: Who is the best peorson in the world?
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Football scores Alabama vs nebraska football?

absaloutely no living peorson in the world will no who won the burger

Who did the English get permission from to establish a colony?

a peorson

What would happen to a peorson on uranus?

Unless very well protected they would die.

Was the peorson who invented deaf alarm clock deaf or hard-of-hearing?

William E. Shaw

Is there a code for your peorson to gain dragon wings in freerealms?

no there is not. Mostly it is technical genus who can do it but if there is a dragon wing code or something please tell me!!!!!!

Who is the person that inspierd the bible?

the peorson who inspired the bible is god because god told all the people who wrote it what to say and stuff like that

Is smart a character?

Smart is a way to describe someone but it isn't always consider a characteristic but if the peorson is smart and shows it and acts smart he is witty.

What are the release dates for World's Best Beaches - 2002 World's Best Beaches?

World's Best Beaches - 2002 World's Best Beaches was released on: USA: 2002

Is 23 the best number in the world?

No 23 is not the best number in the world. In my eyes Lucky 7 is the best number in the world. 786 is the most best number in the world

Is kwan tillman jr the best in the world the best in the world?

yes he has been the best in the world since 1997

What you can be the best in the world at?

The question makes no sense, and the answer is 'not sure'. How can we know at which we can be the best in the world or not? We don't even know, what we can do the best in the world and we don't know whether we can do the best at that thing in the world or not.

Who invented saran wrap?

the peorson who invented saran wrap was saran mcdonald Jerry Corbett who worked for Dow Chemical was one in a team of 2 main scientist and assistants who invented what is branded as Saran Wrap.