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The best Naat Khwan of the world is :-

1st Owais Raza Qadri


2nd Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardi

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Q: Who is the best naat khwan in the world?
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Who is the first naat khwan in Islam?

I believe the first naat khwan was not a single person. It was a group of Medanese children who welcomed the Prophet(SAW) on his arrival from Mecca i.e. Hijrah. When Rasulullaah (SAW) reached Madina, children sang praises of him which is the first Naat: "Tala al badru alayna..." wAllaahu aa'lam

What is the population of Talat Khwan?

Talat Khwan's population is 3,418.

What is the population of Tat Khwan?

Tat Khwan's population is 4,676.

What is Lao Khwan District's population?

The population of Lao Khwan District is 54,967.

What is Chiang Khwan District's population?

The population of Chiang Khwan District is 27,859.

Can a naat be in English?

A naat can be in any language, as Naat means '' A poem in praise of prophet Mohammed ( may peace be upon him).

Is heal the world a naat?

The song is very self explanatory, it is about healing our world. It is in no way a Na`at.

When was Naat Vellov born?

Naat Vellov was born in 1957, in Kocani, Republic of Macedonia.

What is a color of NaAt?


What is the name of naat khawan singer nice naat are?

ahmed raza qadri and milad raza qadri and hassan e minhaj, waheed chishti qadri, naveed chishti qadri, minhaj naat council, mesut kurtis.

Naat treatment what is it?

The "Naat" here may refer to Neuroadaptogen Amino Acid Therapy. NAAT is a therapy which some researchers are evaluating as a treatment for substance abuse (alcoholism in particular) and other forms of so-called RDS, or Reward Deficiency Syndrome.

How do you pronounce nazi?

It is pronounced NAAT-see.