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Martin Brodeur OF the New Jersey Devils

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Q: Who is the best ice hockey goalie in the world?
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Can you use ice hockey goalie pads for street?

no onliy if you are not going to use them in ice hockey.

What is the difference bbetween pro ice hockey goalie leg pads and senior ice hockey goalie leg pads?

the size of the leg pads

Who is the best ice hockey goalie now?

It is a either Tim Thomas or Roberto Luongo by far

Name of the sixth position in ice hockey?


What is the thing the goalie guards in ice hockey?

The net.

How do you spell goaltander?

The hockey or ice hockey position is spelled "goaltender" (goalie).

Can you play goalie with regular hockey ice skates?

Of course.

Do they use helmets in hockey?

yes they do for ice hockey and only for the goalie for field hockey and i don't know about ball hockey

What is a butterfly in ice-hockey?

butterfly is a certain style a goalie uses

How does the ice hockey goalie chest protector connect to the pants?

It doesn't

Who wore the first goalie mask in ice hockey?

Jacques Plantes

What equipment are needed in hockey?

Depends what type of hockey you're playing. Minimum for ice hockey: Shoulder pads, gloves, shin guards, elbow pads, a helmet, breezers, hockey socks (to cover shin guards) ice skates, compression shorts that will hold a cup or a jockstrap and a cup, a hockey stick, ice hockey skates For roller, all of the same except: No shoulder pads, roller hockey pants and an inline girdle instead of breezers, no hockey socks, roller hockey skates instead of ice hockey skates For ice hockey goalie: Goalie pants, a goalie groin protector and cup, a monkey suit, leg pads, a goalie helmet with a throat protector (preferably), goalie ice hockey skates, a goalies glove, a blocker, and a goalies stick For roller hockey goalie: Same as ice hockey goalie except roller hockey goalie skates For ice hockey: An ice rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a puck For roller hockey: A roller rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a roller puck (yes, they are different from ice picks. They're made to reduce friction and slide better on floors.) For street hockey: Some sort of net, a ball or puck, and a stick I think I covered a good portion of it. If I missed anything, I apologize. It's a great sport, have fun!

Why do goalie sticks have curves for ice hockey?

Because jagged edges mar the ice and make ruts in the ice.

How many hockey players on the ice at one time?

there are 6 including the goalie

Is having good reflexes for ice hockey needed?

yes, especially if you are a goalie.

Can a ice hockey goalie throw his stick?

No throwing your stick will result in a penalty.

What sports did ken dryden play in college?

I think Ice Hockey, as goalie,

How many hockey player on the ice at one time?

there are 6 including the goalie

Can ice hockey goalie be captain?

yes Actually Ice hockey goalies, in most leagues (Including the NHL) cannot be a Caption or Assistant Caption. This is because a Caption or Assistant has to be able to be on the Ice At all times, as the Goalie might be benched a game or be subbed out. So to your answer No a Goalie cant be a caption.

How many positons are in hockey?

There are four positions in hockey. Center, Winger, Defenseman, and Goaltender. There are six players on the ice per shift though. The goalie remains on the ice if pulled, injured or replaced by the backup goalie.

What is the difference between goalie pads for ice hockey and street hockey?

Street hockey pads are not made to withstand extremely cold temperatures and are not made to the higher standards of protective ice hockey equipment.

What are the poistions of ice hockey?

goalie, defender, center, left wing & right wing.

If a goalie in ice hockey does not allow a goal but does not play the full game does this count as a shut out?


Ice hockey winningest goalie?

Marrtin Brodeur (who just passed Patrick Roy)

What is a sentence for pliant?

The hockey team's goalie was so pliant that he could do the splits on ice.