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Steve Yzerman but he is retired from playing and coaches Canada's Olympic team

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Q: Who is the best hockey player in the Olympics?
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Is Jake the best hockey player in Regina?

yes he is the best hockey player in Regina

Is Hockey in the Olympics?

The game Ice hockey is in the Winter Olympics. But ball hockey is not in any Olympics

Which ice hockey player wore 19 at the 2010 Olympics?

Joe Thornton wore 19 for Canada in the 2010 Olympics.

Is hockey in the winter Olympics?

Yes, both Men's Ice Hockey and Women's Ice Hockey are in the Winter Olympics.

Which is the best hockey of all time?

AnswerThis answer can be very biased depending on which team or type of hockey you like.However, best on best hockey such as the Canada Cups and the Olympics are considered by most fans to provide the best hockey. And of course there are always individual games in any league which are very exciting.

Who is the best hockey player in Wisconsin?

Preston Lewis on Middleton wings hockey

When did Australia win the Ice hockey Olympics?

Australia has never won the Ice Hockey Olympics.

When was Women's Field Hockey introduced into the Olympics?

Women's field hockey was introduced into the Olympics in 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow.

Who is the best teenage hockey player?


what nouns are in this sentence The team won a gold medal in hockey at the olympics?

Team, medal, hockey, olympics

On the name of which Indian hockey player is the street in Germany?

Roop Singh BaisRoop Singh Bais was an Indian hockey player. of the 1936 Summer Olympics, Germans were so impressed with him that they named a street after him.