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that is a matter of opinion my view no one ever in pro-Wrestling will compete with the phenom but others will disagree

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โˆ™ 2012-06-02 13:49:28
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Q: Who is the best goldberg or undertaker?
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Who is the best wrestler Goldberg or Undertaker?

Goldberg <3

When and where was the match between The Undertaker and Goldberg and what are the details?

there was no match in which undertaker has gotten into the ring with goldberg.

Has there ever been a match between The Undertaker and Goldberg?

Goldberg Vs Undertaker at wrestlemania would be a fantastic match to have. I would love to see if Goldberg is scared of Undertaker's magic or if Indeed Goldberg can end the streak of Taker. Maybe Undertaker would be afraid who knows. Sadly wwe will never ever make this dream match a reality but it would be history in the making because Goldberg has never crossed paths with Undertaker. They have never had a match ever before.

Did Goldberg beat undertaker?


Who will win if a match is set between undertaker and goldberg?

The Undertaker definitely!

Did goldberg hurt the undertaker?

No wrestling is fake and people rarely get hurt. plus Goldberg probably would die against undertaker if it were real.

Did undertaker beat goldberg?


Can The Undertaker beat to Goldberg?

No one is better, they are equal.

When has there been a match between The Undertaker and Goldberg?


How come there has never been any feud or any match between the Undertaker and Goldberg in spite of being together for several years on the same wrestling platform?

Because goldberg is to scared of the undertaker

Bill goldberg raw vs smackdown 09?

Bill Goldberg will return in the raw & will will the world havyweight title goldberg please come on raw I am waiting for you match i want to watch a match between you and undertaker (Goldberg v/s Undertaker) Your friend - austine 3:16 (sunil, India)

Can goldberg come back at WrestleMania 28 to face the undertaker?


Will Goldberg ever wrestle the undertaker?

yes; he should wrestle the undertaker. he should make one last math at wrestlemaima30 in MSG.

Did goldberg ever fight against undertaker?

No, as of now. The Undertaker is too old to wrestle. More over is must have retired till now.

Will undertaker face WrestleMania 28?

yes. he will face goldberg at wrestle mania 28

How do you know Goldberg is returningto wwe at summerslam?

he is not only the undertaker will return at summerslam no one else.

Is the undertaker returning to wrestle in 2011?

No one Knows, it might be Sting, Goldberg, or Undertaker. I know right, when'd goldberg get in this situation, maybe not him but either sting or undertaker's coming back, for information for what im talking about... Go to............... WWW.WWE.COM Look for the video saying "2.21.11."

Will goldberg return WWE for break streak of undertaker because only he can do this?

I don't think so. Even if he returns I the wwe I don't think undertaker Will lose the streak to him

Can anybody take the big show in a real fight?

yes,Undertaker,Brock lesnar,goldberg, can take on bigshow

Who is richer undertaker or John Cena?

i would say undertaker. because undertaker is way more experience than cena and defeated many legends. He defeated goldberg once. john cena never defeated him. Well thats all folks. now you know who is richer

Why did Kane leave the Undertaker?

i think Kane leave undertaker because undertaker is best then Kane

Was brock scared of the challenges from undertaker goldberg etc that he left WWE?

No. Brock Lesner left WWE because there was more money in football.

Who would you like to see return to WWE?

The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, The Undertaker, X-Pac, and Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero

Who is the best WWE?

Sheamus and The Undertaker are the best

Who is the best fighter in WWE?

The undertaker is the best.